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Jews and Christians often say, "Christianity is about beliefs, but Judaism is about actions." It turns out that that's not true – as either a description of the Jewish tradition or in terms of our...
The Jewish people have long been called the People of the Book, a fitting name given our deep love for the Jewish textual tradition. For hundreds of years, we've pored over the same sacred texts in...
Study of Jewish culture often focuses too much on what the self-proclaimed experts think is important about Judaism. While we can count on rabbis, academics, and traditional teachers to help us...
Jews often take great comfort in reciting chapters of Tehillim (psalms), but we rarely study them carefully. In these sessions, we will explore the religious world of the book of Psalms.Through close...
Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem
Mechon Hadar
Mechon Hadar
Do I need to be a computer genius to participate?
Nope, participants do need access to a reliable and strong internet connection and a computer with capacity for video-conferencing. What you do need is a desire to connect, learn, laugh, and grow.
Do we have to stick to the questions?
No, this format is the jumping off point for connecting. There is much to bring into the conversation from you own life to current events.
What does "zug" mean?
Zug is Hebrew for partner. A learning partner is called a Havruta. Learning online with a great havruta? That’s called Project Zug!
When do we meet?
Each Zug/pair will schedule their online video conversation at a time convenient to their schedules. It will be challenging with the time difference, but it is doable!