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How Do We Increase Peace in the World? This course looks to our sages to answer this important question. Sephardic Jewish textual wisdom speaks to the complex interactions between Jews and non-Jews...
We customarily mark milestone events and important stages of our lives by holding ceremonies. The ceremony is a condensed and symbolic expression of personal and public ideas and moods and is...
This course will explore the practice of mindfulness in Jewish sources and thought. It will consider mindfulness as a path of emotional healing, spiritual awareness and liberation from suffering and...
In these sessions, we will explore the ways in which Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) came to articulate a theology of social activism and political engagement from within the sources of...
HaMidrasha at Oranim
Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem
Hadar Institute
Hadar Institute
Do I need to be a computer genius to participate?
Nope, participants do need access to a reliable and strong internet connection and a computer with capacity for video-conferencing. What you do need is a desire to connect, learn, laugh, and grow.
Do we have to stick to the questions?
No, this format is the jumping off point for connecting. There is much to bring into the conversation from you own life to current events.
What does "zug" mean?
Zug is Hebrew for partner. A learning partner is called a Havruta. Learning online with a great havruta? That’s called Project Zug!
When do we meet?
Each Zug/pair will schedule their online video conversation at a time convenient to their schedules. It will be challenging with the time difference, but it is doable!