4 Sessions

The Stories We Tell and What Stories Tell Us: Storytelling on Passover and Beyond

Dena Weiss
Organization: Hadar Institute

Telling our story is something we do so frequently that we rarely think about it. Unconsciously, we choose how long to speak for, which details to highlight and which to omit, and look for the impact our telling has on the listener. On Pesah, this process is moved to our conscious behavior as we're called upon to recount the Exodus from Egypt as if we were there, as if it were our own personal story. 

In this class we'll investigate the role of storytelling in the Seder and also beyond it. What are the stories that we tell? Why do we tell them? How can we get more out of them? And how can telling a familiar story in a new way change who we are?


Two live virtual course lectures are on March 14th and March 28th at 7:30 pm ET. The lectures are exclusively for participants registered for the course. 


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