Art and Culture Philosophy
10 Sessions

Secular Jewish Culture

Organization: T'mura

“One cannot understand Judaism as a culture without understanding secular Jewish culture, much as it cannot be understood without understanding its religious culture” (Yaakov Malkin). Judaism is and has always been a “pluralistic culture”, with Jewish cultures evolving to form sects and groups in Israel and the Diaspora.

In “Secular Jewish Culture”, we will examine the evolution of the modern Jewish identity and the cultural characteristics of the Jewish people in the modern era - central issues in secular Jewish philosophical works. We will delve into the link between humanism, Judaism and secularism, the evolution of the concept of God in Jewish culture and the meaning of pluralism in Judaism, as can be observed in a variety of writings and cultural artwork.

Facilitated by Rabbi Sivan Mass, Prof. Yaakov Malkin, and Rabbi Adam Chalom

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