Prayer and Spirituality
4 Sessions

Shabbat Rituals: The Oldest New Way to Friday

Organization: OneTable

For our ancestors, ritual was a sort of spiritual technology. With meaning and intention, ritual accomplished something specific, something almost magical for them. How might we experience ritual in our modern lives with this same sense of meaning, intention, and accomplishment?

At OneTable, Shabbat dinner rituals are our specialty, and we take a DIY approach. We want to empower you to hold tradition in one hand and your own beliefs, experiences, and passions in the other. In order to do that, we welcome you to "The Oldest New Way to Friday," a four-session exploration of Friday night ritual — not only the words, but where they come from, why we say them, and what they are meant to do.

Every week, the Shabbat dinner table gives you an opportunity to take a break and be fully present in your life. Ritual and blessings can make that possible, helping you carve out a moment in your week to connect to yourself and others. We hope this course inspires you to experience ritual in a way that reflects you, not only where you come from but who you just might become, with meaning and intention.

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